Foods You Should Try in Sri Lanka

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sri lankan food

The Sri Lankan food is hot, crispy and spicy. The inhabitants of this island country are rice which is consumed on a daily basis of life with the company of curry of fish and egg with it. In India it is generally observed and seen in the kitchens that the cooking oil is either a refined oil or a mustard oil which is used on a daily basis but in the coastal islands of the Sri Lanka the foods are generally cooked with the usage of the coconut oil along with the application of the spices and other cooking ingredients in it.

All the coastal region people living all over the world are generally experts in cooking variety and numerous fish dishes and items, it goes the same here with the Sri Lankan people also, as they also make delicious fish items and fish dishes.

Some of the popular Sri Lankan dishes include - Mallung, Sambol, Lamprais, Buriyani and Polos Pehi. Several sweetmeats and juice items are especially popular here in Sri Lanka, which people generally use a form of relaxation and coolness to restrain from the scorching summer and humidity. These juice items include- Kavum, Halape, Thalaguli and Wattalapam.

The drinks and beverages of Sri Lanka

Coffee and tea are important and popular regular beverages among the people of the Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is counted among the top most producers of tea in the world. It is mixed with sugar and milk before people can consume it.

 However some people like to take the tea raw with only the addition of sugar in the tea without the addition of milk. This kind of tea is referred to as the plain tea in Sri Lanka, to add to its flavor crushed ginger is also added to the tea.

 Coffee is also a favorite and likeable item among the Sri Lankans, the capital city of Colombo is famous and popular for its expresso and black coffee. Here really good and hi- quality expressos are available to the people. Indigenous cold drinks made of local fruits are widely popular among the Sri Lankans.

There is also a wide availability of bottled and carbonated branded soft drinks (for example- sprite, coca-cola, etc.) in the country. The carbonated drinks brands of the elephant house and ginger beer are widely popular among the Sri Lankan people.

People here are also fond of cut and fresh coconut water that is available in most parts of the country at a cheaper rate; they taste delicious and along with it carry nutritious values. Locally produced and prepared beers in an array are available to the common people of the Sri Lanka.

Imported beers and drinks facilities are also popular in the country. Two of the most common and popular drinks include the arrack and toddy. Toddy and arrack are both made from the palm tree and the arrack is just the refined product from toddy.

The popular dishes and fruits of Sri Lanka

Mallung is a popular dish in Sri Lanka that is taken in with curries and it is prepared from the shrimp that are dried before hand and fine shredded green vegetables and then mixed up with spices and grated coconuts.

Pol symbol is another kind of popular dish that is common among the people of the Sri Lanka and it is roughly prepared from these items which include- rated coconut, onions, red pepper, lime and salt.

The Sri Lankans like to take up wafers, pickles and chutneys along with their foods. Lamprias and serene symbol are unique dishes of the Sri Lankan country that is prepared from juicy combination of Maldives fish preserve and spicy onion.

Many ingredients like the egg, the curry, eggplant curry, sambas, and special prawn dishes are mixed and prepared together in a unique way of mixing up in the banana leaf and baked properly. Biryani is a dish of rice that is prepared with the meat stock. Polos pehi is another dish that is prepared from the fruit of the jam tree.

Thalaguli occupies the position of a special confectionary among the people of the Sri Lanka. Snaky items like the crunchy sandwiches, delicious biscuits, potato chips and sausages are widely popular among the people.

Mouthwatering dessert like the wattalapam is widely popular.

Several fruit items like the mangoes, pineapple, water melon, papaya, wood apple, bananas occupy a special position among the Sri Lankan people.

Curry, rice and fish items

Curries are favorite companies of the people of the Sri Lanka where they tend to eat in vegetables and non-veg items of the fish and egg and meat. Roasted curries are prepared by the Sri Lankan people in a numerous ways that are tasty and rich in its oil and fat content common items of the chicken, mutton and beef are readily prepared with coconut milk along with the spices and other cooking ingredients. Vegetarians in Sri Lanka also have their own way of curry making with vegetable and fruit items that includes beans, beetroot, carrot, banana flower, pumpkin. Foreign plates are usually provided with a light plate of food as the Sri Lankan palates of curries are usually hot and quite spicy.

The staple food of Sri Lanka is the rice; every common household in the country eats rice everyday as a part of their dinner and lunch. However during festivals and other occasions a special dish of yellow rice is prepared and cooked in many households, samba is a special dish of rice made during the festivals and also the Kiribati, a kind of milk rice that is prepared in many occasions.

As Sri Lanka is a coastal country fish dishes are very popular among the people of the country, delicious fish items accompanied with the special preparation of the prawns, lobsters and crabs are widely popular. The fish curries are popular among the people of Sri Lanka; also the fried fish item occupies a special position in the hearts of the Sri Lankan people. Sour fish item with a lemon piece is also considered a special dish in Sri Lanka.