Beauty of Kandy and Kandy Tourism

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Kandy is located in Sri Lanka and it is the last royal capital of the country. Kandy is very rich is historical aspect and is natural tourist place with many tourists visiting the place almost throughout the year from different parts of the globe.

The place of Kandy is most famous for the tooth temple and this is famous because it has the tooth of the great Buddha in it. The temple conducts a procession once in a year named Kandy Perahera and it is held generally in the month of July or August. In this grand procession there is parade with the golden casket and many people drummers and dancers along with fifty elephants. The event has great tourist attraction and there are a lot of other cultural activities that are organized and conducted in the place of Kandy in Sri Lanka and hence this place is also named the cultural capital of the country Sri Lanka.

The original name of the place Kandy was Senkadagala pura and its present name is derived from the word Kanda which is actually a Sinhalese word that means a hill. The place Kandy in the past was ruled by the Sinhala kings for many years and then after they lost to the British in the eighteen hundred century. The original name of the place was after the name of a hermit Senkada who lived in that place. The Kandy is one of the most famous places in Sri Lanka for all sorts of tourists.

Places of interest of the Kandy tourism

The Kandy tourisms have its own attractions and there are many places of interest that cover the Kandy tourism. Kandy tourism is very much attractive to all the tourists.

A few places of interest in the city of Kandy are the tooth temple famous for having the sacred tooth of the great Buddha and it procession is also one of the major seasonal tourist interests of the city. The procession is something that is really very unique and all the tourists have a desire to see the procession hosted by the tooth temple. The number of tourist increase in the time of the procession considerably as a result.

Also another major place of interest especially to the Hindus and the Buddhist is the Hindu shrine that is indication of the facts that some very long time ago there was a coexistence of the Hindu and the Buddhist people. Apart from the Hindu and the Buddhist tourist other tourist also visits this historical heritage.

The compound of the old royal palace is another major place of the tourist interest. By visiting the palace one can get all the ideas about the grand and special heritage of the rulers of Sri Lanka.

For people who love nature the royal botanical garden is the place to visit. It is a huge botanical garden that covers over one forty seven hectares of land and has all the different type of plants and trees with many animals, insects and birds making it a staying place for them. There is also a very famous lake in the place which attracts a lot of tourists. There are also many types of spice plants in the different garden houses that are worth seeing.

The place Kandy once had tea factory which have now been converted to an excellent tea museum and thus has emerged as a tourist spot. Also the place has some temples built in ancient time like the Galadadeniya which was constructed way back in 1344 and is the temple of lord Vishnu.

Then there is elephant reserve called the Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage that was constructed just a few years back to preserve the limited number of elephants left in the country.

The place of Kandy is also known for its art and craft works and it is one the important centers of art and craft in the country. Many elite and trained people practiced their art in this place during the period of colonization and still today this culture of art and craft persists in the state of Kandy. One can get all sorts of art and craft and handicrafts work from the Kandy art and craft shops. These are very unique and other types of artifacts are also available in the shops.

The Kandy city of Sri Lanka is tailor made for all those people who have a natural appetite for visiting place that are rich in historical aspect as well as rich in the flora and fauna with different types of plants and animals. The Kandy tourisms have many unique aspects about it to offer to its tourists. People who come to this place for spending their holiday have many things to do in this beautiful place.

Kandy tourism: reaching the cultural city of Kandy

The place of Kandy is not at all hard to reach ones you land in Sri Lanka as the city is well connected with all the major cities of Sri Lanka and there the buses and trains available from almost all the important cities of the country to Kandy. It takes about two and a half hours to reach Kandy from the capital city of Colombo by a bus. Also taxi and cab facilities are available so that if people want they can hire a taxi or cab if and when required.

The place of Kandy is very cool calm and pleasant to the tourist like to visit the place during the summer season though the place is suitable to visit throughout the year. Most number of tourist visit the Kandy in the month of July and august and the reason for it is the Kandy Perahera which is the biggest cultural event that is held in the country of Sri Lanka.

Kandy tourism can sure give some pleasurable and memorable moments of the tourist and its cultural and historical richness can surely leave you ecstatic. Come and enjoy the pleasure of Kandy tourism.